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Ryan McChesney, LCPC, CYT-200hr

Ryan earned her Master’s degree in Counseling with Specialization in Sport and Health Psychology at Adler University in Chicago, and she is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and certified yoga instructor. Ryan believes in a holistic approach to mental health, and that in order to function at our best, we must find balance: physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Ryan specializes in health and performance psychology, and she is a certified clinical trauma professional. She works with clients to bring awareness to thought and behavior patterns that have developed over time, and believes that bringing understanding to these patterns is the first step to challenging them and making positive changes in our lives.

“I aim to create an honest and genuine relationship with each client, and I believe in working together to create a positive and productive therapeutic experience. I draw primarily from cognitive behavior therapy and dialectical behavior therapy to help clients increase self-awareness and develop a mindful and balanced approach to life.” - Ryan

Rikki Carlin, LPC, SFG, Pn1

Rikki has her Master’s in Counseling with a specialization in Sport and Health Psychology. She is also a Precision Nutrition Coach and certified Strong First Kettlebell Instructor. Rikki takes a holistic approach to therapy, and aims to help clients with all aspects of their health and wellness.

If you notice that you often have negative thoughts about yourself or your body, or you struggle with feelings of guilt and self-blame around your food or exercise habits, Rikki can help you to create new patterns of coping through finding balance and increasing self-compassion. Rikki also work with clients who are looking to find and maintain healthy social relationships, obtain work-life balance, adjust to major life transitions, manage their emotions, and cope with chronic pain or illness.

”I believe everyone is capable of living a purposeful, authentic, and mindful life, but not everyone knows how to get there on their own. I appreciate the courage it takes to begin therapy, and aim to create a non-judgmental, collaborative, and productive therapeutic experience for each client.”- Rikki